Fact Check

The Hanging Rock Action Group continues to examine relevant Macedon Ranges Shire Council documents regarding the development proposal.

The aims of the Hanging Rock Action Group have been consistent:

  1. Have Council undertake Community Consultation
  2. Distil the real issues and facts of the proposed development
  3. Raise community awareness of the issues

Significant errors and misleading statements have been found in these documents.

Up to date no corrections have been made of these.

Why doesn’t Council publish corrections as per their stated policy?

# 1. Hanging Rock does not make a profit – FALSE
# 2. Hanging Rock visitations have declined over 20 years – FALSE
# 3. Errors and misleading statements in relation to Hanging Rock Reserve.

– “The East Paddock was originally used for grazing so has no environmental or other relevant overlays .”

# 4. Errors and misleading Statements in relation to Hanging Rock Reserve.

–  Location of the proposed development

# 5. Forecast Results for Hanging Rock were completely distorted.
#6. Error – That the Hanging Rock development proposal responds to the MRSC Natural Environment Strategy
#7. Error – Surface area of development
#8. Error – Community consultation re Hanging Rock
#9. Error – …that this has been a continuum since 1993  – FALSE
#10. The reason for purchase of the East Paddock