Nomination to the Victorian Heritage Register

In April 2014 the Hanging Rock Action Group nominated the Hanging Rock Reserve and the Eastern Paddock to Heritage Victoria for inclusion in the Victorian Heritage Register.

The actual rock itself, excluding the racecourse and the lower sections of the Hanging Rock Reserve, had been included in the Commonwealth Register of the National Estate in 1991 but this ceased to exist after 2007.

On May 23rd 2014 Heritage Victoria recommended:

  • that the Hanging Rock Reserve be added to the Victorian Heritage Register, and that
  • the Eastern Paddock not be added to the Victorian Heritage Register.

There is now currently a period of 60 days when submissions can be made supporting or opposing these recommendations.

The Hanging Rock Action Group will be submitting and we urge others to consider doing so as well.

Written submissions must reach the Heritage Council Hearings Officer before 5pm, Tuesday 22 July 2014.

Details regarding the submission process and the recommendations can be found at Heritage Victoria – Current recommendations open for comment


The original nomination January 1978 by the Shire Of Newham & Woodend to the Australian Heritage Commission.

The current nomination April 2014 by the Hanging Rock Action Group to Heritage Victoria.