Macedon Ranges Shire Council

Macedon Ranges Shire Council documents.
  • minutes July 1992    –  Council  (the then Shire of Woodend & Newham) minutes   recommending community consultation  for the
                                        draft Loder & Bayly – Hanging Rock Recreation Reserve Management Plan
  • Council Meeting 28 August 2103
  • Council Meeting 28 August 2103
  • 4sep13-scm-agenda    –   See page 4 for Recission motion by  Cr Jennifer Anderson
  • 4sep13-scm-mins        –    See from page 3 what happened and how your Councillors voted.
  • Council Information Bulletins about the proposal.

” Why didn’t Council follow its Community Consultation Framework?

The Framework was followed in that Council has made a decision in line with the direction pursued by the Hanging Rock Development Advisory Committee – a representative group, and with other adopted strategies of the Council.
Councillors determined that only one of the possible options for the sustainable management of the Rock was suitable and therefore considered that asking the general community for an opinion on their preference would be hollow consultation.“,

Macedon Ranges Shire Natural Environment Strategy

Macedon Ranges Shire Natural Environment Strategy 2009-2012 Plan

Please note this a 133 page document – HRAG has selected some key points in our Comments on MRSC Environment Strategy 2009 – 2012
The main key point is as follows:

P28 An iconic landscape.

“The Macedon Range and Hanging Rock sit at the centre of the Shire. These sites are the geographic and symbolic heart of the region. Council has Macedon Range and Hanging Rock as its logo, emphasizing the symbolic value of these sites to the community. The logo is not only a reflection of the geography. It is a reflection of the priority the community gives to the protection and enhancement of the natural environment. Through this strategy, Council strives to meet community expectations for stewardship of the natural environment.” 

Selected extracts from  Macedon Ranges Shire Regional Development Australia Fund application 11 April 2013